1. dlniggas:

    Wow this blog just reached 800 followers!! Thanks everyone!
    A straight friend of mine I can’t believe I tricked him. I always wanted to see his Dick enjoy :-)

  2. straightniggas:

    So we finally have 3,000 followers thank you and enjoy this straight army guy :-)

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  3. straightniggas:

    He would look so much better if he shaved his face and trimmed his pubes…:-)

  4. straightniggas:

    What a hot body :-)

  5. straightniggas:

    He’s so fucking cute. :-)

  6. exposingdlniggas:

    Look who it is lol he’s now a gif :-)

    Yessss finally

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  7. Yessss

  8. I need a man with a nice thick dick like that :-)

  9. Incredible body

  10. Geek teasing